Our Code of Conduct ensures that we can grow sustainably as a purpose-led company. Lenus offers coaches the business tools that enable them to spend more time interacting with their clients and less time on administration. This way, their clients pay less for administration and get more coaching for their investment. This is a democratization of personalized training, and we believe that our intelligent system will significantly improve the health of many people who would otherwise be unable to access traditional personal trainers due to a high entry barrier.

We recognize that our growth has strong ties to coaches, clients, employees and the communities we operate in. We acknowledge that our impact and responsibilities extend beyond the boundaries of our immediate business and our Code of Conduct serves as our guiding light. We put our values into practice and hold our undertakings to the highest possible standard of ethics.

We strive to hire the best talent, create a great product, and empower a global, loyal community of established and next generation coaches. We believe that a strong ethical anchor that influences our daily actions is vital to achieving this aspiration.


The scope of our Code of Conduct encompasses all who are either directly or indirectly engaged in business with us, those working with our platform and all levels of our organization. Any violation or breach of conduct is dealt with swiftly and may result in the termination of cooperation or employment.

Workplace environment

We are on an important mission to solve one of our generation’s most pressing challenges. This puts high expectations on all employees across our organization. Fundamental to our growth is deep care and priority for quality. We encourage a feedback culture in order to continuously improve and uphold a high standard of quality in all we do.

We believe that the workplace is a place where people can grow, develop, and nurture one another. We advocate for spreading positive energy and being mindful of the needs of your colleagues. Inclusivity and diversity are values that we live by and cherish. We do not tolerate, in any shape of form, offensive and/or derogatory jokes or remarks or any physical abuse or threats. We are a workplace free of harassment, bullying and discrimination. Disagreements are unavoidable, but every employee should feel it safe to engage, participate in discussions and resolve conflicts. Good intentions are respected, and the best argument always wins.

We strive to fairly promote equal opportunities throughout the organization; filling a role necessitates job-related abilities at its core; we care about hiring the best person for the job. All employees in Lenus are employed according to the legislative requirements in their place or work and we safeguard every employee’s health, safety, and mental and physical wellbeing.

Partnering with us

Our ambition is to build the greatest product for coaches to help, support and guide clients on their journey to a healthier and happier life. We acknowledge the know-how and expertise of all our partners and have built a product suite capable of empowering them to cater to the individual needs of their client. This Code of Conduct is a set of standards that all users of our platform must adhere to.


Throughout their professional relationship, a coach must always provide complete transparency to their clients. This entails information about with whom the client is communicating, who is preparing and adjusting their meal and workout plans and which qualifications the coach, or assistant, possesses. The above-mentioned transparency principles are mandatory. Any violation or breach may result in the termination of cooperation.

Educational background

We believe that coaches should provide advice, training, and coaching in accordance with widely accepted standards. This means that any future partnering coaches must have a relevant education, such as a personal trainer license or a nutrition degree. We strongly encourage current partnering coaches to follow these rules.

Care for the client

Coaches can only accept clients for whom they are competent to help and coach. Such evaluations necessitate a thorough screening process that takes into account potential injuries, eating disorder history, and other relevant information that may influence the coaching experience.

Our screening tools are based on internationally recognized procedures and come with a set of accompanying tools that are developed by Lenus. These tools must be used by coaches when assessing their clients.

Before any coaching may begin, the assessment must be completed. If a client’s needs are deemed to be outside of the coach’s scope of practice, the client must be rejected and referred to a qualified health professional.

We are dedicated to continually improving our capabilities in this area. We believe that expanding the reach of online coaches is a new and promising approach for coaches to make a positive difference in the lives of a larger number of people.

We strongly encourage coaches to use body positive language in their marketing as we strive to make the world a better and more tolerant place for people of all races, shapes, and sizes.

Intolerance for illegal substances

Lenus does not support the use of illegal substances in fitness, nor will we tolerate any advice or coaching, implicit or explicit, on the consumption or use of illegal substances and performance enhancing drugs. Any violation or breach of these rules will result in immediate termination of the cooperation.

Business compliance

We only work with legal and compliant entities that respect the legislative environment in which they operate. Failure to comply – including tax evasion and illicit business – is a strict violation of our code of conduct and will lead to termination of contract. Providing up-to-date business information to Lenus is a requirement for cooperation.

Age requirement

For all individual programmes, new clients must be at least 15 years old. Clients between 15 and 18 years of age can sign up for an individual programme or as part of a family plan with the consent of a parent/legal guardian. Clients below 15 years of age can only sign up as part of a family plan.

Data protection

We respect the privacy of users on our platform. We are processing information confidentially and live up to our obligations as a data processor in accordance with the GDPR and other relevant privacy legislations. Our partnering coaches, the data controllers of client data, can trust that Lenus processes any client data on their behalf in a safe, secure and professional manner. We are quick to take action when any partnering coach informs us of client data to be deleted if a client invokes their “Right to be forgotten”. Information on our technical and organizational safety protocols and measures is available in our Data Policy, which includes Lenus having taken the necessary measures to protect any unauthorized access to user’s data. This entails, but is not limited to, limited access to personal information by employees within our organization.

Client satisfaction

As a platform, we are transparent about the current level of client satisfaction. As a result, our client satisfaction dashboard is now available on the Lenus website. To increase transparency and credibility, we monitor client satisfaction through an external provider, EPSI Rating. Monitoring client satisfaction allows us to ensure that clients are receiving services of the expected quality and allows us to take the necessary steps to continually improve.

Looking ahead

We are dedicated to the goal of making the world a better place. Our mission will present us with challenges that are difficult to predict at this time. Preparing for an uncertain future is difficult, but we believe that by welcoming passionate and talented people who align with our Code of Conduct into our organization, we will be the best equipped to sustainably grow our business, support our partnering coaches, and help people from around the world live a healthier and happier life.